One of our favorite questions right now is what Employee and Internal Comms teams think about the future of employee communications.  After all, it’s been an amazing year. The increased visibility and gravitas of the communications job throughout COVID has been revolutionary.  

In a recent webinar, Paula Angelo, Vice President, Internal & CEO Communications of the Hartford cited a  pulse poll by Weber Shandwick that said employer communications are responsible for fostering greater positivity, confidence and pride in their employees.

She believes that employee communications teams are largely responsible for that statistic. “That earned goodwill [of employers by their employees] will have a lasting impression. There’s no going back.”

With that in mind, we asked Sara Messina of Mayo Clinic and Paula to look into the future. With all the changes, good and bad, that have occurred in 2020, what will the future look like for employee communications?  Here’s what they had to say...

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We may never return to pre-COVID employee communications. What vital changes did our panelists not take into account? We’d love to hear your opinions. 

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What does the future of employee communications look like? Think of what your job will look like 12 months from today..."

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