Velaku is an enterprise content solution that puts employee and HR communication everywhere your employees are most often. Velaku broadcasts and curates your messages quickly, easily and far more effectively than email or intranets.




Automatically pulls together relevant content – from anywhere within or outside the Microsoft365 ecosystem.


Automatically pushes out and promotes content across multiple channels, devices, user groups and digital properties.


Significantly simplifies content creation and publishing; turns internal communicators & HR into content marketers. Also dramatically improves content searchability.


Plug & play packages save time – all but eliminating development & configuration, providing a vastly improved user experience – for intranets, portals, team sites and SharePoint pages.

Now through July 31st, 2020 we're offering free use of Velaku to support our customers needs during the COVID-19 crisis.

To schedule a live demo of Velaku, click a date and follow the prompts. Please reach out to if you run into any issues or have questions.