In a survey by Gallup, employee communication breakdown is cited as the primary reason for a 66% employee disenchantment rate in the workplace. What impactful employee engagement ideas can communications professionals use to reach their employees in a way that keeps them happy and listening? 

 As Jack Goodman, our communications expert points out  in recent webinar called Liberating content in a tech-fueled world, engagement scores aren't always reflective of the job you are doing. They are based on many things besides communications - factoring in compensation, policy changes and other things outside of your control. 

To get employees engaged, try these ideas:

  1. Use tools to make content more accessible.
  2. Make sure your content can be found outside of the intranet and email, in search, Teams, and other channels.
  3. Try to make your content sound less "top-down" by editing out the corporate jargon.

In this webinar, you'll find out how to make communication more compelling and effective, and what the implications of emerging technologies will have on the future of communications. 


Velaku has a wide range of topics in their on-demand video series, with new ones being added all the time.  Or head to our blog to find out more about employee engagement, keeping employee communications fresh, employee communications apps, and avoiding the Great Resignation at your company.

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“Employee engagement went up a tick from 30% to 34% in 2019. We've gone from the truly horrible to the merely awful.”

Jack Goodman, Principal and Founder

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