Webinar Summary

Today, CHRO's and their CEOs are facing a bleak picture. Attracting and retaining talent is one of the top challenges for C-Suite executives. In this webinar, our expert panelists are going to address these challenges by presenting ways to transform the employee experience and drive engagement and retention rates higher.

Questions we answer:

  • What is employee experience and how can I improve it for my workforce?
  • If employees are like the customers of the workplace now.... so how should HR platforms and technology designs emulate a consumer or customer style of delivery?
  • How do you overcome technology fatigue?

Expert Panelists

Our panelists have decades of experience working in, and advising many of the most innovative companies in the world:

Donna Tenanbaum, Senior Consultant and Founder of DGT Group and former CHRO. DGT Group helps organizations in need of a strategic HR partner to achieve their business goals and align their talent strategy with their business strategy.

Susan Sanders, Chief Product Officer and co-Founder of Velaku, the leading employee content solution for Microsoft Office 365, and a former executive at Willis Towers Watson.